White Wine

  • 2016 Wild Thing Chardonnay  Photo
    2016 Wild Thing Chardonnay

    Carol’s 2016 Chardonnay is our golden-haired wild child, an exuberant and delectable mouthful of joy. Sourced from her estate vineyard in Dry Creek Valley, this vivacious white wine is a classic California Chardonnay with a delicate balance of richness and acidity to please all the Wild Things out there… Remember, you are what you drink! 

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  • Wild Thing Chardonnay 2017 Photo
    Wild Thing Chardonnay 2017
  • Wild Thing Viognier 2017 Photo
    Wild Thing Viognier 2017
  • Coquille Blanc 2017 Photo
    Coquille Blanc 2017
  • 2015 Coquille Blanc Photo
    2015 Coquille Blanc

    We originally created the 2008 version of this wine to celebrate our 10th anniversary as a winery in 2010.  With the exotic complexity and food friendliness of a white Rhone-style blend, it is a “red-drinker’s white,” a complex alternative to the more one-dimensional white varietal wines like Chardonnay and Sauvignon blanc. It is the perfect complement to its namesake shellfish, as well as chicken or pork dishes with buttery-creamy sauces.  *Coquille is pronounced “ko-keel” and it is French for shellfish or scallop, like the scallop shells on the Shelton family coat of arms.

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  • 2016 Wild Thing Viognier Photo
    2016 Wild Thing Viognier

    High up in the Sierra Nevada, the California Gold Country town of Auburn. lies this gem of a vineyard of Viognier, planted and managed by the father and son team of John and Joe Damiano.  When picked just a bit less ripe than many CA Viogniers, the fruit expresses lively citrus and gentle white flower aromatics, while barrel fermentation in mostly older French oak barrels leads to a wine of perfect structure and creamy-crispy balance.  

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  • 2017 Rendezvous Rose Photo
    2017 Rendezvous Rose

    A rendezvous with friends is all the more delicious a pleasure over a bottle of luscious chilled dry rosé, hence the name of our “Rendezvous Rosé.”  Created by bleeding half of the “pink” juice off of red Carignane grapes a full three days after crushing them, it is fermented cold like a white wine to retain every delicious drop of crisp strawberry fruitiness.  

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